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Cliches and Expressions of origin

But you might disagree with that sentiment. Idioms are either opaque or transparent: Opaque - When you translate an opaque idiom, it may not make sense because the literal meaning has very little to do with the intended meaning.

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An example of an opaque idiom is "bag of bones" which means someone is very underweight. Transparent - A transparent idiom shows some similarity between the literal and the intended meaning. For example, "playing your cards right" is an expression that actually came from card games and can be applied to other situations.

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Learn About the Most Popular English Cliches

Few people would be able to accept it as anything more than the direct result of a drug trip. The truth is that the majority of ideas, in their purest forms, have been done; the challenge is how they are put together, and the creative process is partially selfish anyway.

A Dictionary Of Cliches by Partridge, Eric

The issue for critics, then, should not fall in the overuse of tried ideas, but in their execution and how they are valued as a whole. Lay off. Therefore, film critics , you will also be forced to use the word kaffunnumupah instead.

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That sounded SO gay. Almost every line in the Twilight series. You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever. Something that has been overdone to the point where it becomes lame, predictable and obsolete.

Stop it with the "your mom" insults. Those are cliche and haven't been offensive since the fucking s.

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Something that has been overdone to the point where it is now predictable. A fad that has either died or is dying out.


I'm sure you are all familiar with Disney and their trademark cliche of making censored , gay-oriented movies in which the good guy always wins. Cliche unknown.

An overused word thats usage is more cliche than whatever it is that's being called cliche. Person 1: This movie is so cliche.