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Even more translations in the English- Spanish dictionary by bab. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. EN Descartes. It seems that the motto of Descartes : "I think, therefore I am' has been transformed into "I spend, therefore I am. Context sentences Context sentences for "Cartesio" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

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Italian La Corte di giustizia europea non la sostiene ma la consente in casi eccezionali, come dimostrato dalla sentenza Cartesio. More by bab. Italian cartellone pubblicitario cartellone pubblicitario portato da un uomo sandwich cartelloni cartellonista cartellonistica carter cartesiana cartesianesimo cartesianismo cartesiano Cartesio cartevalori cartiera cartiglia cartiglio cartilagine cartilagine aritenoidea cartilagine cricoide cartilaginea cartilagineo cartilaginoso Even more translations in the English- Spanish dictionary by bab.

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The resulting structure should be as in the following example of a three-stack IK proble for a humanoid robot:. A useful feature of the ROS Cartesian Server is that it enables the user to quickly specify rather complex IK problems from a configuration file, without the need to edit any source code.

Parigi, Cartesio, Consiglio

More in detail, CartesianInterface supports hierarchical optimization problems: therefore, hard priorities can be assigned to tasks or combination of task, in such a way that low priority task will never affect higher priority tasks. Finally, all priority levels can be subject to equality and inequality constraint. The kind of IK problem that is described above can be simply modeled as follows. All the above functionalities are available through an hopefully intuitive programmatic API. Names and arguments are similar.

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CartesIO Jump to bottom. Cartesian Interface Package for generic cartesian control of floating base robots. It is a ROS node that serves two purposes: Loading and executing an instance i.

Cartesio e il cogito

It is now easy to integrate the Cartesian Server by following these steps: open the XBot config file with any text editor add a YAML node with name CartesianInterface add a subnode with key solver ; provide as a value the name of the CartesianInterface implementation that you want to load.